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How to Start a Wildfire

If you’re going to solve a problem, it helps to have a grasp of the underlying baseline… you can’t get from the current to the desired state (or even stimulate such desire) unless you establish a starting point. So, for … Continue reading

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Is SharePoint the New Definition of ECM in Legal?

Until recently, the content management software marketplace was fragmented. Many vendors, industry analysts, and buyers insisted that their viewpoints about the future of ECM made the most sense. But despite nearly continuous investment in the technology, most firms’ implementations ranged … Continue reading

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Update from an ex-Analyst

I’ve gotten a number of messages from friends and people I know in technology through LinkedIn, gmail, Facebook, etc..  The top question I’m asked is “why did you leave Gartner?” and the second is “what’s so special about Litéra?” Here … Continue reading

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