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Toby has over 25 years of leadership experience in technology strategy, analysis, development, and delivery. He's managed people, products, projects, and profits equally well. His work history ranges from marketing and communications to software design and development to global consulting to technology research and analysis to business leadership. He has provided strategic advice to many companies; has written a strong body of research; is widely quoted across technology and business media; and has been a keynote speaker for Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen, Gartner, and their clients. Toby's role at IBM as ECM Marketing and Offering Strategy Lead is new. Toby spent three years learning the enterprise software business from a vendor's perspective at Litéra. This included creating partner alliances with top technology vendors, leading both a marketing and product development team, and building business from major accounts. Prior to Litéra, he was Research VP for Gartner, the leading provider of global research and analysis on the information technology industry. He covered (beyond ECM, BPM, Case Management, and Cool Vendors): enterprise reputation management, social media monitoring, digital asset management, Web content management, web and content analytics, globalization/localization, translation management, and customer communications management. Some of his experience in digital marketing initiatives came from previous work at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. Prior to joining Gartner, Toby was a Senior Manager and Director for Andersen. He focused on technology consulting, research, applications development, and legal practice management for this Big 5 global professional services firm. Prior to that, Toby was a Manager at Ernst & Young -- focused primarily on business development, competitive intelligence, marketing technology, knowledge management, and process improvement applications design, development, and consulting.

The Impatience Economy

Now that my son is grown, married, living in another part of the country, and busy with his own complicated set of life challenges, we don’t get as much time to talk. So, when we occasionally do, it’s important to … Continue reading

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The Future of Content is Cognitive

According to Gartner, most enterprises have no cohesive strategy or sufficient controls across redundant systems and redundant content. Why? Perhaps it’s because regardless of the potential value of content, 90% of business leadership thinks structured data is more critical toward … Continue reading

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Is Your Investment in ECM Future-Proof?

Once upon my career, I led a team of enterprise architects. Among the many responsibilities we shared, none was more important than the strategic analysis of IT investments. The goals of the annual (and sometimes more frequent) exercise: 1) decide … Continue reading

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The Future of Content is Customer-Centric

When I was a Gartner ECM analyst, I answered approximately 42,300 client questions. This rough estimate is based on three factors: time on job (9.4 years), inquiries per year (avg. 900), and questions per inquiry (avg. 5). Inquiries, by the … Continue reading

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CMO Suites – Missing the Point (Despite Some Analytics)

It has been suggested by recent comments that I have become a standard bearer for content valuation. Admittedly, much of what I have written does seem tied to unusual events, personalities, and costs related to documents. As if there’s a … Continue reading

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IRM – The Final Countdown

As I dimly recall – thanks to education received in another century altogether – there’s an edict (ethos?) in science that “no proof exists without remaining doubt.” Maybe this is partly due to the fact that there are always those … Continue reading

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Content in the Cloud – WWKBD*

“When Content Goes Out The Door, Control Goes With It.” If you are a goofy optimist, this statement might seem self-explanatory. And, you might feel comforted. But I’d have to wonder if you are clear on the facts: content is … Continue reading

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